Hey Britt. Remember today. Today is WHY you do comedy.

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Hey. Brittany Charboneau. Yea, it’s me talking to you. Remember today, mmmk? Today is why you do comedy.

You started class at a new acting studio (like “real” classes to be an “act-or”, complete with a French beret and strict snack demands). Until today, you’ve really only done improv and comedic acting, often just fucking around trying to make friends and family laugh–an art in itself yet a different skill set.

Today you played a meek small-town girl trying her damnedest to be a stripper named Candy Apples to make money to pay off her debt. Unbeknownst to her, the club owner interviewing her recognized her mid-tease from their childhood, but you had to convince him that he was wrong.

Shimmy, strut, slap the ground! You rolled around on the ground growling like a sexy (?) tiger. You gave a lap dance to an empty chair, dancing so hard you would have thought Leo DiCaprio himself was sitting there (don’t worry, Jusband knows this is my freebie). You brought the room to tears with laughter. You brought joy to yourself by bringing humor to others.

I’m proud of you! You kept your cool, and went all out. You took your improv skills and brought them to your scene in all your “you” glory. You were present in the scene and with your partner. You didn’t give a fuck and just played. Isn’t that what acting is for??

Remember today when you think you aren’t funny. Remember today when you can’t remember why you decided to follow this crazy dream. When you’re mega successful, selling out theaters or have millions of viewers tuning in on tv, remember the joy you got by making eight strangers laugh in a tiny basement room for just an acting class.

Remember to always Act Out and Be Runderful! That’s who you are.


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